The Hairouna Film Lab is a script-to-screen competition offered to Vincentians in collaboration with Hairouna Film Festival’s long-standing partner Soho House Group. Launched in 2021, the Hairouna Film Lab is designed to give Vincentian writer/directors the chance to develop their story telling techniques and to promote and support Vincentian narrative filmmaking.

How it works

To apply for the competition, submit a short script (up to 10 pages) and a proof of concept, either a video or a treatment. The call for applications is widely publicized in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the diaspora through radio, newspapers, and the internet. Eligibility is open to Vincentian nationals, both local and abroad.

Script submissions are reviewed by a panel of considerately selected independent judges. This judging panel changes from year to year, but consists of a diverse group of film professionals from different global film sectors.

We strive to create as fair and impartial a competition as we can. Writers names are removed from the scripts before they are shared with the judges, so that any personal associations are not projected onto the material, and scripts are assessed solely based on quality.
HFL winner Grace Peters-Clarke shares feedback on her experience on the mentoship program with mentors Abe Adeyami and Michelle Serieux.
From the submissions two scripts are selected for workshopping via a mentorship program. For three weeks writers meet with the mentors and rework the script. By the end of the period each script has been re-written 3 times. Based on the strength of the final script, one is chosen as the winner. The winner is awarded $10,000USD in production funds as well as production support, mentorship and guidance.

HFL Winner 2021 : CARTMAN

Hairouna Film Lab is proud to present the winning script ‘CartMan’ by first time writer/director Grace Peters-Clarke. CartMan is a film set in the heart of Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The story follows Vince, a young man who is forced to grow up much too fast, but in the process discovers something priceless.

HFL winner Grace Peters-Clarke shares feedback on her experience on the mentoship program with mentors Abe Adeyami and Michelle Serieux.



Writer/ Director Grace Peters-Clarke, Producer Aiko Roudette, and D.P. Akley Olton, scout locations for CartMan. Depicted here are locations in Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadine. Specific locations are Pauls Lot, Kingstown Wharf, Arnos Vale


Behind the scenes photos from on the set of Hairouna Film Lab Winner ‘CartMan’ written and
directed by Grace Peters-Clarke and produced by Hairouna Film Festival.

From all of us to those who helped in ways big and small, we thank you for promoting and supporting
original Vincentian story telling!