During HFF 2021 Hairouna Film Festival showed over 45 films followed by post-screening Q & As. The festival also hosted numerous panels and workshops bringing together regional, local and international filmmakers working in the Caribbean sector or interested in it.
HFF 2021 was a fully online festival made possible through a partnership with Soho House Group.
The 2021 festival artwork were original designs from the mind of Vincentian creative Olivia Stevens. Read more about what went into the development of our 2021 aesthetic below

Curation Highlights

During HFF 2021 we partnered with British/Vincentian/Jamaican writer/actor/director Aml Ameen on a special presentation of YARDIE, directed by Idris Elba.


Online Events! All of our post-screening Q & As and our workshops are available here.

Hairouna Film Festival 2021 Partners

HFF 2021 was made possible through partnership with the Soho House Group. We’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Founder Nick Jones. We’d also like to thank Marva Ollivierre for hosting an incredible workshop and to everyone who participated and contributed to our online workshops and panels. We are deeply grateful for your time, energy and effort.