Sampson’s Heart

Sampson's Heart

A young widower lives in self-imposed exile deep in the country, haunted by a tragic secret. An unexpected visitor from his past makes him confront his shattered life.

Director(s):Juliette McCawley

Country(ies) of Production: Trinidad and Tobago

Length: 15 Minutes

Language: English

Year of Production: 2019

Juliette McCawley

Juliette McCawley


Originally from Trinidad, Juliette spent 15 years as an actor before directing her first short in the US. Her film One Good Deed was awarded the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival. In 2015 she co-produced and directed the Trinidad segment for the international documentary Eleven. Most recently, she was a co-producer on the award-winning feature film The Cutlass.

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