The Journey to Tropical Realism

category: Short Films, Vincy

The Journey to Tropical Realism

Calvert Jones is a well-known painter in his home country and throughout the Caribbean mainly for his unique style involving the use of vibrant colors; a style he calls ‘Tropical Realism‘. In this promotional video he seeks to relive his journey from a young boy drawing in his books to the successful artist he is today.

Directed by Dante Ollivierre
Dante Ollivierre is a freelance filmmaker with extensive experience in photography and animation. Originally hailing from the community of Mesopotamia, his passion for filmmaking ignited in 2014. He’s been in love with film ever since.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines | 2018 | English | 1 minute

MARCH 23 | Calliaqua Playing Field
APRIL 20 | The Almond Tree, Bequia