category: Caribbean, Short Films


A young black Jamaican girl from the underclass and on the brink of womanhood works at a Jamaican resort where she witnesses tourists’ affluence on a daily basis. As the de facto breadwinner for her very large family, she faces a crisis of conscience, when a tourist couple seems to be the answer to her financial predicament.

Directed by Michelle Serieux
Michelle Serieux is a filmmaker and actress local to St Lucia and Jamaica, working in fiction, non-fiction and new media. Her work has been supported by the Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute, Chicken and Egg Pictures, Women Make Movies, The Alter-Cine Foundation, Maine Media Workshops and a Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival documentary development workshop.

Jamaica | 2016 | English, Jamaican Patois | 18 minutes

MARCH 30 | Flowt Beach Bar, Ratho Mill
APRIL 20 | The Almond Tree, Bequia