Going Down

category: Caribbean, Short Films

Going Down

A woman and her boyfriend, her husband and his mistress find themselves in a very awkward situation: trapped in a hotel elevator together. When the elevator breaks down leaving them stuck in the darkness, the woman, Marjorie, and her husband, Dan, are forced to confront the reality of their relationship.

Directed by Mezan Ayoka
Mezan Ayoka is a Jamaican writer and filmmaker who attended the Los Angeles Film School. She has written and directed short films, including 'Nine Night', 'Ding', 'Grow Jamaica Grow', and 'Going Down'. She founded a peer review screenwriting group and offers script notes and coverage to scripts in the development and pre-production phases.

Jamaica | 2018 | English | 9 minutes

APRIL 20 | The Almond Tree, Bequia