Being a Vincentian Athlete

category: Short Documentary, Vincy

Being a Vincentian Athlete

'Being A Vincentian Athlete' is a 4 part series profiling 4 different young Vincentian athletes currently on scholarship in New York City. The series speaks to the challenges and joys involved in being a student-athlete and living in the Diaspora in New York.

Directed by Aiko Roudette
Aiko Roudette is a Vincentian filmmaker who works primarily as an editor and videographer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production and a Master’s Degree in Media Studies with a focus in documentary filmmaking. Aiko's work focuses primarily on aspects relating to social issues, culture and representation. She's shown work in festivals internationally including Toronto, New York, Trinidad, London, Nevis, Aruba and Curacao.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines | 2018 | English | 8 minutes

MARCH 23 | Calliaqua Playing Field
MARCH 25 | SVG Community College