The results are in, Hairouna Film Festival has selected a winner of Hairouna Film Lab 2021.

Congratulations go out to Grace Peters-Clarke with her winning script “Cart Man”.

Hairouna Film Festival proudly announces that Grace Peters-Clarke, writer of “Cart Man”, is the winner of Hairouna Film Lab 2021. Grace is the recipient of a monetary award to cover the cost of producing the short film. She will also receive a global lifetime membership to Soho House.

On November 8, 2021, Grace Peters-Clarke was announced as a finalist in the competition alongside Christina Smith. Both participants underwent a three-week virtual residency. They received mentoring on screenwriting and story development by accomplished script writers Abraham Adeyemi and Michelle Serieux. Grace’s script “Cart Man” was selected as the winning script having shown the most overall development throughout the course of the residency.

Grace Peters-Clarke, Hairouna Film Lab 2021 winner
Grace Peters-Clarke, winner of Hairouna Film Lab 2021

Meet Grace

Grace Peters-Clarke is a Vincentian teacher residing in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She has written and directed for youth and community theatre and also enjoys writing and performing poetry. She is a member of The Nucleus, a Vincentian women-writers’ group. Her work has been featured on BOCAS Lit Fest’s Stand and Deliver event and Intersect Antigua.

I have a background in writing stage plays but I’ve always wanted to start writing screenplays because I think so many of our stories translate well through the medium of film. Being a finalist in the Hairouna Film Lab scriptwriting competition gave me so much insight into my craft as a writer.

The rigor of the mentoring process was exactly what I needed to sharpen my writing for the screen. As we move into the pre-production phase, I am really excited about bringing this story to life and the opportunity to work with a talented Vincentian cast and crew, in order to produce something that is uniquely Vincy.

Grace Peters-Clarke, Hairouna Film Lab 2021 winner

At the heart of the story, “Cart Man” pays homage to an often overlooked part of Vincentian society. Grace hopes that the film resonates with Vincentians, and a wider audience, who will connect with Vince’s quest to rise above the challenges of poverty.


“Cart Man” is scheduled to begin production in the summer of 2022.


About Hairouna Film Lab

Hairouna Film Lab supports Vincentians, and non-nationals residing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, looking to take the next step as screenwriters and filmmakers. The inaugural competition was announced on March 19, 2022. Hairouna Film Lab is a talent incubator made possible through an ongoing collaboration with HFF partner, Soho House.