Meet The Team

Aiko Roudette

Aiko Roudette

Festival Director

Aiko Roudette is an award-winning filmmaker of Trinidadian, Dominican and British ancestry. Born in the UK, her family moved to Trinidad when she was just a year old, and then to St. Vincent and the Grenadines when she was two.

At 18 a scholarship took her to New York where she would achieve a BA and MFA in Film and Media Studies. During nine years in New York she made the most of every opportunity (working as a cinematographer, sound tech, gaffer, archival researcher, PA, editor). While in NY she also donated her filmmaking skills to various social rights groups advocating for global workers rights, justice for black lives, and the liberation of Palestine.

Roudette considers the arts an effective and powerful sphere to generate vibrant culture and societies. In 2018 along with a group of young Vincentian creatives, she founded the Hairouna Film Festival, a free annual film festival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now the Director of the film festival, she also works as a freelance film editor, videographer and director. Her work has been screened in 25 festivals/screenings worldwide including in Toronto, Berlin, New York, Trinidad and London.

Olivia Stephens

Olivia Stephens

Communications Director

Olivia Stephens is a visual artist from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who decided she would build a life around her passion for the creative arts at age 14. She began her formal training as a fine artist in 2009 while attending the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. In 2013 she attained an associate degree in Fine Art, Design and Cultural Communications. She returned to the College for the third time in 2017 as the sculpture lecturer for the FADCC program.

Over the last 10 years, she has participated in several community-based initiatives focused on increasing environmental awareness and cultural heritage preservation. She completed several murals around St. Vincent with the Contemporary Young Artists' Movement, most notably the Our Living Heritage mural in 2013. In 2018 she participated in the One Drop in the Ocean project - an independent initiative led by Vincentian artists to transform marine debris into art from August 2017 to March 2018.

Throughout her journey, Olivia has continued to work as a freelance artist. She has been exploring the realms of graphic design and its applications in her creative practice. She is also a lover of all things soca, salsa and steel pan.

Beth Gallagher

Beth Gallagher

Head of Development

Beth works sourcing and transforming physical spaces for the creative industries. Her career started working for the owner of Ealing Film Studios and she has gone on to work with London performing arts venue The Roundhouse and global membership and hospitality brand Soho House Group.

She studied steel pan at the University of West Indies and is passionate about supporting the Arts in St Vincent.

Shane Slater

Shane Slater

Programming Director

Shane Slater is a freelance film critic based in Jamaica. Born in Kingston, he lived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines from age 6 to 17 before pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and his Master of Philosophy in Environmental Management at the University of Cape Town. While living in South Africa, Shane followed his lifelong passion for film by starting his blog Film Actually. Subsequently, he became a contributor for various North American-based online publications, including Awards Radar, The Spool and That Shelf. His journalism work is particularly focused on drawing attention to independent, non-English and non-fiction filmmakers through interviews, podcasts, reviews and other opinion pieces.

In his role as Programming Director for the Hairouna Film Festival, Shane hopes to similarly champion the unique voices of Vincentian and Caribbean filmmakers. As an avid festival-goer himself, he believes that film festivals are vital to creating a passionate film culture and celebrating the next generation of visual storytellers. He is also a member of the African-American Film Critics Association and is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic.

Tim-Ron Williams

Tim-Ron Williams

Creative Marketing Director

Tim-Ron ‘T’Dream’ Williams is a multifaceted Vincentian entertainer, creative, entrepreneur, and spiritual advocate at heart. Tim-Ron started manifesting at age 4 with his first realization of talent being in traditional art. By age 8, he started practicing instrumental music and has performed in every academic environment he has tenured. That instrumentalism later inspired lyricism and the birth of the alias ‘T’Dream’ was personified but not yet named.
At that age, it was also evident that a passion for entrepreneurship existed within as he would often find opportunities to monetize his talents. Having a passion for the creative arts and entrepreneurship, he decided at age 8 that he would later start a revolutionary conglomerate creative agency and ten years later coined the name Studio Parallax. He elaborated his goals at age 12 when his love for the cinematic and theatrical arts became evident after having the opportunity to write the first play he had ever acted publicly while touring with the Hairouna Progressive Organization (HPO). At age 14 he became a recording artiste and started practicing street dancing at age 16 just before growing passionate about God. By age 24, he would have already had a refined idea of his goals.


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